Skyros Island

Skyros is the southernmost and largest (210 square kilometers) island of the Northern Sporades, with a population of 2,994 inhabitants. It is located east of Evia, which is about 35 km away. The island is for the most part mainly mountainous in the southeast, where there are the mountains Kochilas (792 m), Koumari, Piraeus and Fanoftis. The climate of the island is characterized by cool summers and mild winters with an average annual temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. In the west, the bays of Kalogria, Pefkos, Agios Nikolaos and Tristos are formed. On the west coast is the harbor of the island, Linaria. The capital of the island is Skyros (or Chora), located on the east coast. It connects with Linaria with a 11 km long asphalt road. Other districts of Skyros are Magaza, Linaria and Loutro (rural settlement).


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